Toxic Parents, “Characteristics of Parent-Child Reversal Parents.”

parent-child reversal ‣親子関係:Parent-child relationship

Basically, they are selfish and self-indulgent.

Many are mentally unstable emotionally.

For some reason, I think of myself as a hard, poor, difficult person.

So I take it for granted that my family is kind and laborious toward me.

Also, if they don’t like themselves, they suddenly lose their temper, yell, and sulk.

They also deal with children as if they were children versus children rather than as parents.

In severe cases, they may even ignore children if they don’t like them.

However, when they are at a disadvantage or in other situations, they put pressure on the child by making it clear that they are the parent.

On the other hand, if something goes wrong, many people try to escape from responsibility, even blaming the child.

Also, as children grow up and become adults, they will try to be spoiled and depend on their children for anything.

As parents, they somehow take it for granted that their children will help them, and many parents are selfish and spoiled by their children like children even though they are parents.