Inner Heart Healing (2)

Inner Heart Healing (2) ‣心:Heart

Healing the Heart.”

It is easy to say in words, but in reality it is hard work.

The wounds that the heart shows us are flying all over the place.

Just when you think you’ve healed this thing this month, the next one appeals to you that you’re hurting in some crazy place.

As if to test us.

The reason I say this is that the mind (unconscious) that does not trust people acts to test them.

Will you hurt me?
Would you deny me?
Won’t you cheat me?
Are you angry with me?
Are you lying to me?
Would you like to harass me?

And do you really, really care about me? And.

So the mind will behave or say or do things during the healing that will offend me or the client (consciousness) who is the owner of the mind.

In contrast, it is of utmost importance for me and my clients to be sincere to the heart and for them to know that I love them.

But sincerity and love in the heart are not enough for healing to work.

It is also necessary to point out distortions that come from assumptions, saying, “That’s not right,” and to guide the heart to the right state (loving state).

However, this is not a simple matter either.

What we have assumed for many years can be twisted in different ways for different people.

It is actually necessary to unwind and organize them one by one while healing the emotional wounds.

So healing the heart takes more time than you think.