The Mystery of Karma (3)

The Mystery of Karma3 ‣輪廻転生:Circle of transmigration

As I wrote in Mystery of Karma (2), there are various patterns of soul reincarnation.

If we focus only on karma, the question arises as to whether karma really exists in the case of souls that are reborn regardless of their will (thoughts) or in the case of souls that are reborn in a state of “nothingness. The question arises, “Does karma really exist?

From my data point of view, karma exists in the reincarnated pattern souls regardless of the will of the soul.

However, in the case of a soul that is reborn in a state of “nothingness,” karma does not exist.

This is because all souls of this type are newly created souls in the universe and are the first souls to inhabit something as a soul.

Are souls born anew? Some people may wonder, but new souls are born every day.

And vice versa, some souls disappear daily.

In Japan, the joke is “That’s the first time in his/her life…”.

But there really are those who are in their first life.

But just because a soul’s life is the 1st time does not mean that he/she is a bad person or anything like that.

Human nature is created in the environment in which we are born and raised, so it is better to think that it has little to do with the experience of the soul.

So, next time, how did you know you were a newborn soul in resolving your soul karma? I would like to write a story about this.